City of Homerville
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Zoning has its benefits. great towns don't just happen.

The Zoning Division provides critical assistance to the public regarding the zoning of residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural property. The Zoning Division supports positive and proactive development and promotes the City's vision for public health, safety, convenience, and property. The Zoning ordinance and map are located at City Hall, along with all Zoning Meeting Minutes. Zoning meetings are held when rezoning requests have been submitted to City Hall. 

Zoning Ordinance

Available upon request at City Hall contact, Nan Mikell, City Manager. 

Zoning Board

David Hinson, Chairman
Brent James
Georgia Johnson
Charlye Morehead
Craig Ganas

Contact Information

Nan Mikell

20 S. College Street Suite A
P.O. Box 535
Homerville, GA 31634
(912) 487-2375 Ext. 223